12 Towers (R-1200 #2)

12 Towers (R-1200 #2)

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K. D. Lohr By KDLohr Updated Jul 01

Everyone needs something to hold on to in trying times. For a Mutant in Brazil, it's faith. For six venturing Mutants, it's a map. For a forsaken soul, it's his brother...


Two decades have passed since a Mutant set foot in the Sanctum, and now they're coming back.

With the Scion Tower destroyed there is nothing for the remaining Mutants to cling to until they find a map. It reveals that they are not alone. And so, the race to find eleven towers scattered across Earth begins. It won't be long until a century passes, and every last Mutant is to wake.

For better, or for worse. The deadly equation that is earth has now experienced a new variable: Mutants.

The second installment in the R-1200 duology.

Best Rank: #18 in Science Fiction

cover: @boldface

Can't wait to read this. I finished the prior Novel so quick cuz i couldn't stop reading.
JMJ4ever JMJ4ever Mar 16
Okay. I am so very exited to finally be hereee... ive missed so much!! I will make up for it i promise lol CAUSE YOUR BOOK IS STILL INCREDIBLY AMAZING AND 1000% SURE THIS WILL BE TOO!! LOVE YA KD
They are carrying the body of Zander and his body is still able to be prepared (please)
ZCoreXD ZCoreXD Feb 17
Kels002 Kels002 May 20
WHY AM I JUST NOW SEEING THAT THERE IS A SEQUEL. I am so behind, but finding this just made my day, so I can't even be mad about it. I'm so excited to read this!
Booya! Part two. Book one was awesome. I've no doubt that book two will be just as good, if not better. So, on to chapter one.