To Save a Kingdom

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Amanda By AmandaPate Completed
    A woman who had no choice but to escape her royal title for the sake and betterment of her kingdom. A man who held responsibility and duty above all else. One is running from her kingdom under the guise of a new identity, while the other is assuming the responsibility of the crown he will one day wear. Kai and Brendan’s stories collide in a tale of lies, loyalty, and love.
thanks Amanda, I would start reading By Order of the King...
I sort of upset cause I didn't get to finish To save a kingdom, but I would appreciate to read the actual book
Can't wait until you post your stories back up! i have recently finished the finished chapters of 'By Order of The King' and I'm really enjoying it. I hope to see your published works on book shelve soon!
Awe!! I was looking forward to this!! Hope I see it on the real world!!
Noooo!!! I loved reading these stories. Even after reading them so many times, I would just love to come back and read them. They were the first stories I read and so far my favorite. I'm happy for you and wish the best in your endeavors. I will preorder a copy as soon as that is available. :'(
Your books will definitely be published. I just hope it's soon so I can read it again. lt's one of the few stories I have never forgotten from Wattpad.