My Bestfriend  [Jungkook fanfic] Book 1

My Bestfriend [Jungkook fanfic] Book 1

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sfdjjk ❤ By Shankookie Completed

The both of them doesn't know that they feel the same way. what if they choose the wrong choice? what will happened? But what if one of them confess?
Find out guys.
This is my first work :)

Maybe the description is too lame. try eading it :) Hahahaha. This is my own imagination. i didn't plagiarized. i promisee ✋✋✋✋

squishmx squishmx Apr 22
me and my friends always greet eachother by saying hello... ugly, stupid etc and I love it
What is with the dork and stupid... why not pretty and cute 😏😏... together they would make pretty cute 😏😏😏
Sofiamh1234 Sofiamh1234 May 01
this kinda reminds me of a kdrama played by lee jong suk lol
This is literally me and my friend rn😂 it's scary how accurate it is
-softkook -softkook Apr 28
My me and my best friends greet each other like: "hey hoe" "hello dork"
RavenStripes RavenStripes 4 days ago
I should've known 
                              Nia's P.O.V.
                              My dork best friend
                              Jungkook's P.O.V.
                              My stupid best friend