New Beginnings (MiniLadd FF)

New Beginnings (MiniLadd FF)

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DFF By DarkFoxFire Updated Nov 29, 2016

Sequel to SBTM.

While The Crew and The Grays were known within the criminal world for their rash decisions, bravery and family values, the Terra's were known for their members: A group of elite hackers who somehow managed to fuck up everyone's shit electronically while making it look like they didn't put any effort in.

In other words, while everyone knew The Crew and The Grays were strong, they also knew not to piss off the Terra's.

That doesn't mean that the Terra's just went around hating everyone. The only times they got involved with anyone else's business were when it was an accident, they were openly asked for help or if they were openly challenged.

But not many people did those things.

So when they find themselves caught in the middle of a turf war that'd been made personal, they weren't all that thrilled. In fact, they were so NOT thrilled that they decided to join in, taking the side of The Crew in a hope that they could take down the Grays for once and for all. But when the battle's over, and the war has been both lost and yet won, they discover something much darker waiting for them.

All in all, it's just a normal time in Los Santos.


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hmmm_rabbit hmmm_rabbit Jul 11, 2016
Oh dear god I just realized I had already commented (if u were to pick her pick the most recent character cause I forgot about the other one that I had posted)😁😁😁
MeganCocoa MeganCocoa Jun 26, 2016
Name: Ryan Jay Perez
                              Codename: Hawk
                              Age: 23
                              Gender: Male
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Appearance: Hazel eyes, 6'5, Brown hair, plain T shirt, Jacket, Jeans, Dog tag and black sneakers.
                              Bandana: Black and Green 
                              Personality: Funny and sarcastic, loves any sport.
                              Quirks: Likes to "stalk" his friends as a joke.
KrazyClockworkCat KrazyClockworkCat Jul 02, 2016
Just to say what really are you gonna do with our ocs when you pick em in two days, put em in the book, stuff or? I'm just curious
DemonicAppleBlossom DemonicAppleBlossom Oct 09, 2016
I'm so fricken sad that Fox died. I literally threw my phone and stared at my bedroom wall crying.
DemonicAppleBlossom DemonicAppleBlossom Oct 09, 2016
AmberLee Trinity Adams
                              23 yes old
                              Long red hair usually in braid.
                              Wears a turquoise masquerade mask.
                              Mute, and petite
                              Fights with knives usually but if it's a gun she uses a turquoise flower patterned pistol.
_TheFifthMarauder_ _TheFifthMarauder_ Oct 01, 2016
Red hockey mask, and when she's not wearing that it's sunglasses