Elusive ☹ SHAYLOR MPreg

Elusive ☹ SHAYLOR MPreg

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shaylor's #1 stan By shauncuniff Completed

"I think I like him, a lot." 

"But he doesn't even like dick." 

And this is the story of how I, Taylor Caniff, fell in love with the brown lazy eyed, cheap styled, five foot beauty who I thought was gay, and his name is Shawn Mendes. Although, we had a bet for love. 

And, it turns out I'm not gay.

Then it went something like this... 

Shawn x Taylor
September 11, 2015 - 2:19 am

May 9, 2016 - 9:35 pm

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We made a silent pact my junior and senior year that high school sucked, we all hated being there, and because of that we were all gonna help each other out to get through, skating by our tailbones
LMAO cause me and the kids in my class call a girl The Weekend cause she looks like him
Niallluvs_potatoes Niallluvs_potatoes Aug 10, 2016
He's gay everyone knows with an ass like that and the singing he could have some serious high pitched moans they could have musical sex
multiplefd multiplefd Oct 02, 2016
My friend is gay, and he hangs out with girls. So, if a boy hangs with only girls, most of time it means he's gay
- - Mar 28, 2016
Whale I'm a person who gets straifht A's, gets annoyed by everyone and only has three real friends 🐸🍵
I was gonna read and then it stayed Shawn was a 5 foot beauty! Stop making Shawn something he's not in the fan fics! PLEASEEEE