The Roommate (boyxboy) *Completed*

The Roommate (boyxboy) *Completed*

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Love has no gender. By tampamanatee Completed

**This is part of a series. Please read Sex ed first. 

[Book 2] 

Cameron Yeager and Hugo Stevens have finally started dating. They're enjoying their summer together before they leave for college. However once at school, Cameron finds out that his roommate Aaron is a very attractive person. Will Aaron change things between Cameron and Hugo?

Fücking hell, I'd be confused to if I had him as a roommate
Pr0toTyPe Pr0toTyPe Jul 10
That's cute, wanting his bf to be with him instead of this dude.
                              *whispers* I'm single, so it's my job to judge happy relationships.
                              P.S. Just kidding around
                              LIKE WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID WHEN YOU ARE IN CHOPPED!!
Wow I just realized how much of a giant I'm gonna be I'm 5'6 and I'm 11
meh idk, I mean this is coming from a lesbian but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It's just that he's hot as fück and might make you think twice about being with me