A Series Of Patrick Stump Imagines

A Series Of Patrick Stump Imagines

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The Phoenix By PhoenixBenzedrine Updated May 10, 2017

Heyyyy Youngbloods / Car Crash Hearts / Suitehearts! Join me on a journey through my book, A Series Of Patrick Stump Imagines, a book involving scenarios between you and the amazing Patrick Stump!

     There will be smut, triggers, and possible violence in certain imagines. I will let you know in an Author's Note (A/N) if that comes up. Read those at your own risk. The rest are fluffy and fedorkable and hurl-worthy

     No part of this book's content is to be copied or republished without author's-aka MOI-consent. In other words, NO STEALING MY WORDS. All my ideas came from my head, so yah. Seriously, I don't even want you to paraphrase my imagines. If you want to, please contact me by PMing me or texting me on Skype @mspatrickstump.

All Rights Reserved

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Daddy_geesus Daddy_geesus Aug 28, 2017
My parents thought I was a boy so my middle name is Jake and by that in the stomach don't worry I came out with 2 holes
PhoenixBenzedrine PhoenixBenzedrine Sep 23, 2015
I read this for the first time pretending that I didn't write it and it gave me freakin feels like what