Caught by a Fool |America X Assassin!Reader|

Caught by a Fool |America X Assassin!Reader|

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KINGXDIANE By Frostfur789 Completed

(Name) had been an assassin for as long as she could remember. She grew up knowing nothing of "fun" or "family". When she finally becomes the best assassin in her rank, the boss receives a special request which she had been hand-selected for.

The request said one thing:

Kill Alfred F. Jones.

Epicgirl404 Epicgirl404 Apr 10
This is the dress I'll wear when my mom forces me on a dress
                              For I can stab people
Oh wait I forgot something.....oh yeah!! I forgot about my life :D It's edgy enough to cut a person, better than my other weapons
*snatches the dress* I guess I could wear a dress just this once
Italy would be a great assasin though. I mean, no one would ever suspect him so he's perfect for the job.
blutigerSplitter blutigerSplitter 5 days ago
Give me, I have a list with names and I need to scratch some of them finally out.
"patriotic, boisterous idiot who can't keep his mouth shut" so true and eyyy it's Fourth of July so now I'm reading this