Caught by a Fool |America X Assassin!Reader|

Caught by a Fool |America X Assassin!Reader|

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Why tho By Frostfur789 Completed

(Name) had been an assassin for as long as she could remember. She grew up knowing nothing of "fun" or "family". When she finally becomes the best assassin in her rank, the boss receives a special request which she had been hand-selected for.

The request said one thing:

Kill Alfred F. Jones.

Hetalianlover Hetalianlover Oct 07, 2016
I believe its italy. After all he owns the Italian mafia along with roma. We just never see that side in the show, except for a few parts
Maple fluff! How did you know what my school supplies aaar--- Nothing! You heard nothing from me... Heheh... *Backing away slowly*
ZorzillionC ZorzillionC Jan 03
Well he did beat up turkey back when he was younger 
                              Luciano  loves knives soooooooo.
- - Oct 30, 2016
Can someone buy me this dress. I know I hate dresses but this, THIS I need.
Mercynium Mercynium Oct 03, 2016
Wait... No knives?! I promise ill won't go over broad like last time!! *flash backs and giggles* haha..what was fun..
Mewvallous Mewvallous Nov 06, 2016
                              THERES SOME PEOPLE I WANNA KILL