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She's Not All That (Buzzfeed/Eugene Lee Yang) [HIATUS]

She's Not All That (Buzzfeed/Eugene Lee Yang) [HIATUS]

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kara \o/ By km_fangirl Completed

At an early age, I remember my mom telling me that I was unique. She always used to say, "You are not born yourself. It is what you become." Maybe that's why I loved her so much. She was beautiful and sweet, and she had a laugh that sounded like honey. 
     Of course, when she went to jail, I was screwed.
     I had no experience in life. I only did amateur editing, a few plays/short films, and directing. I had a pair of ugly combats and totally bland clothing, and nobody wants to hire an ugly actor. Thus, I was on my own in the world. So, when my best friend gets me a job at Buzzfeed, I nearly shit my pants.
     Fuck, what now?

     (I do not own anything to do with Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed employees are real people, and I only own Levi Bradley)

ILuvMithzan ILuvMithzan Apr 16
Yes, I am indeed a hot man, bow down to me and my face of a goddess.
ILuvMithzan ILuvMithzan Apr 16
I googled him as well. First I read it as Hottmen, and that's a 50 year old man who got caught driving while high, and Rossmen I think is a dude who has a live show of giraffes? I just read his first couple of tweets..
ILuvMithzan ILuvMithzan Apr 16
Levi Bradley is a model. I just looked the name up, and he's super hot! 10/10, go see him
Person: Whos your favourite buzzfeed worker?
                              Me: Ned's wife
                              Person: she doesnt work t-
                              Me: Ned's. Wife.
I love how you actually used people from buzzfeed! I love Ashley Quinta and sara😂
KarasuNeko KarasuNeko Dec 29, 2016
Isn't it Jonah? You can just search up Buzzfeed's founder or something.