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Reject the Alpha (boyxboy)

Reject the Alpha (boyxboy)

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Kat By jffhhdghd Updated Feb 04, 2016

Noah Caster is the Beta's first son yet he doesn't have the strength to be a Beta. His younger brother Ricky got the Beta strength. Noah was extremely delicate, kind and loving but this made Noah a target for bigger kids such as Justin Wren. 
Justin Wren was Future Alpha of the Midnight Spirit pack. Since Justin was young he had picked on little Noah. Soon enough it was too much for Noah and he became suicidal. His family sent him away to distant Pack relatives in England hoping he can get better with some time away. 
7 years have passed and Noah is now 21 and still living with his distant relatives. With all those years he got better and became one of the most feared pack warriors. You can say he was a late-bloomer. He's changed for the better but one day he gets a call from his mother that his father has passed away. He returns home and first he must see his past tormenter/Alpha/Justin  to inform of his return. What happens when their wolves scream 'MATE!'  Obviously Noah rejects the Alpha.

(First book in the 'Reject' series)

Kathleen237 Kathleen237 May 02, 2016
For a first, the wolf thinks of his human more than his mate. awesome! ;-)
ShowerOfShade ShowerOfShade Feb 14, 2016
U dt NEED love to survive. That's probably the reason y there are lone wolves.
Azun26 Azun26 Feb 13, 2016
First things first, Beg for forgiveness. Second, start imagining s e x as a sub
Kathleen237 Kathleen237 May 02, 2016
Hahahahaba bwahahahahaha! Lol seriously more dominant than an alpha. That will be interesting.
sifa12345 sifa12345 Oct 26, 2016
I almost busted out laughing and I am in the middle of a test
Grimisphere Grimisphere Apr 11, 2016
I feel like a terrible person because I died of laughter when he though 'This man use to be little Noah'