Masquerade - A Short Romance

Masquerade - A Short Romance

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Grab your favorite drink and curl up to a quick romance! So, get ready to follow the adventure to finding love of Monica and Noah as they venture into the world of romance together... hoping to avoid all the bumps and breaks along the way. 
One night... That's all it takes for a life to change.

One dance... for that was all it took for the blood to start pumping, and desire to fill the air.

One bed... the place where the unthinkable happened, but was drowned in pleasure.

Two completely different lives, brought together by chance? Or perhaps it was fate.

Monica Dellwoods was a normal woman, moving to New York with big dreams of singing and dancing on Broadway, looking to fill a life long dream of dancing on that blessed stage. With a heart on her shoulders, and a smile that seemed to be too bright to contain, she set foot into the business world of song and dance, only to be placed in a state of pause at the sight of the man in the black suit and red tie.

Noah Johnson was the business man with a plan. That plan? To place the world in the palm of his hands with his large empire of growing business and success.
But, one faithful night at the Masquerade ball, his world turned upside down by the mysterious redheaded beauty that was gliding across the floor.

With a mask that hid their identities, and the connection that seemed to cause the world to fade away, one night was all it took for him to see the world differently. Then, in the morning? She was gone.

Who was this man? And who was that mysterious beauty? Destiny seemed to want to bring them together, but fate would seem to wish to keep them apart.

Perhaps the Masquerade was something so much more than what it seemed?

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