The Unexpected Mate

The Unexpected Mate

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SereneBeauty By SereneBeauty Updated Jul 12

Can two people from completely different worlds really find love and bring peace to the world?

       Noelle Quintin was just a normal girl living an average mundane life.She had a good life, loving boyfriend, and a supportive best friend. So, when her boyfriend proposed, she thought her life was perfect. Sadly, she was mistaken. That same night, finds out that her bff was pregnant by her fiance and everyone in her life knew except for her. For the first time in her life she stands up for herself and lets them have it. Then she runs far away, starting a new life that she never dreamed of.

      Denali St. Claire was the mysterious and elusive king alpha, leader of all the werewolves. Only his inner circle knew who he really was. He was centuries old, but had yet to find his one true mate. One night he prays to the moon godess, Celestia, that he would find his mate. 

      Weeks later, both of their fates intertwine, leading them towards a future they could never have forseen. What will happen when the human and werewolf world collide?
      I know you're thinking this story gonna be so cliche, but guess what?  It's not!

WARNING: This story contains swearing, sarcasm, innuendos, interracial love, cheaters, backstabbing, fun, strong opinions, girl power, and general badassness. Read at your discretion.

shonme2K17 shonme2K17 Feb 17
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TalayehMalone-14 TalayehMalone-14 Dec 04, 2016
Get out your feelings hoe get out your feelings hoe are you upset are you mad come on B
SereneBeauty SereneBeauty Dec 13, 2016
Actually, the song is How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris and the Disciples.
shonme2K17 shonme2K17 Feb 17
I got a aunt name Bianca lol I always thought all bianca's are sweet
shonme2K17 shonme2K17 Feb 17
Hold up let me call my boy*Phone ringing*hello.....yea it for's bullsh*t
shonme2K17 shonme2K17 Feb 17
Oh dang girl read between da lines these hoe tryna steal yo man