My Obsession In Love (Raura)

My Obsession In Love (Raura)

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"Laura, why?" Ross tells her best friend Laura while confused and  scared of what she should do

One thing he knew is that this girl wasn't the Laura he knew but people change

"I just love you, I needed to get you away from Courtney for you to forget about her and just love ME" Laura says walking around him looking at his eyes, red puffy eyes.

"By kidnapping me" He says trying to get out of the chair he was on but the tight rope stopped him

"Baby I'm just obsessed with you and you" She smiles, grabs his face and kiss him


Laura is obsessed with her ex co start Ross who is already on a relationship. Laura wants him to be hers in every way. So she makes a plan to get Ross to be hers

Will Ross fall in love with her? Will Laura change from good to bad? 

Sneeha1 Sneeha1 Oct 30, 2016
Omdz that I think tattoo fixers I love that show sooooo much ❤️❤️
Sneeha1 Sneeha1 Oct 30, 2016
Ok not being rude but what stress ur just stressing that u and Ross aren't in a relationship....seriously? 🙄🙄😂
moniespie400 moniespie400 Nov 09, 2016
hey I love this story! I know this is not story related but how did you put the writing in the center????? please answer when you see this thanks!
mahi_723 mahi_723 Sep 21, 2016
I'm confused Af .... are they still together ..... were they ever together?
Sneeha1 Sneeha1 Oct 29, 2016
Now imma just come out clean.....I.Hate.Courtney.sfm Cz she destroyed any chance of raura happening!.....ever! Hopefully one day they break up and Ross opens his eyes to Laura.
-Skylol- -Skylol- Aug 22, 2016
This sounds so interesting and it really caught my eye! I cannot wait to read this ❤️