Combined Forces

Combined Forces

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Erica By Live2fan Updated Feb 10

Harry Potter has returned for his seventh year as have Hermione and Ron. But are things really over and back to normal? 
A new teacher has arrived, and though he is not a obnoxious author, werewolf or escaped convict and wanted criminal, he was strange. 
Harry could tell the teacher was keeping an eye out for him, but why? And for whom? Is he friend or foe?

Danger was lurking in the darkest corners on the grounds of Hogwarts. Both old and new enemies have risen, and they come for revenge.
Who are they?
The new teacher seemed to know, how? Who is he?
With sea-green eyes and messy dark hair, he looks just like Harry.
And he calls himself Percy Jackson.

By Live2fan

ArcherAngel12 ArcherAngel12 Jun 07, 2016
Ohmygat. Many books are just so cliche and many demigods  are going in Hogwarts.
cakelynbui cakelynbui Aug 06, 2016
uhhh... to most people, I look younger than my age... I got to pass Disneyland as a nine year old when I'm turning 14 in a few weeks lll
a-fangirl-fantasy a-fangirl-fantasy Nov 12, 2016
*wipes away tear* this makes me so happy. You are now a goddess.
Just from this first chapter you seem like a smart writer. I think I'll enjoy this story
Di-Angelo394 Di-Angelo394 Sep 15, 2016
Thank you! The one I hate most is when the seven or more go to Hogwarts. Why can't they just make it a small number?
- - Jul 10, 2016