The Deal

The Deal

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Briana Mortal By 1Dfanwrite Completed

My name is Sara. I was made as part of a deal with Satan himself and at the time- my mother's cult. The deal was: one of the women in the cult would find themselves pregnant with a baby girl, and at the age of 20, she would be handed off to be married to his top demon.

However, this deal was forgotten over the years.

What happens when the demon, who had made friends over the years with the girl he was to wed, came to get his end of the deal? What happens when she doesn't go the first time and runs for it?  

No deal with Satan can't go on, incomplete, without someone dying. No man or God can help without being killed or hurt.

The deal is one for a life to start anew and one to end forever.

Samantha1D1 Samantha1D1 Sep 15
I would volunteer but I don't do demons now a British boy from England with a log of tattoos yes like the weekend ew i hate his hair and this demon sounds horrid and im 13 and think almost everything is cute lmao
larrys_rainbow larrys_rainbow a day ago
1.) how tf do u forget something like that
                              2.) wHy wOULD U NOT READ A CONTRACT WITH THE DEVIL HIMSELF OML
Samantha1D1 Samantha1D1 Sep 15
Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus I love to praise your name I love to lift you up . Gotta sing this not today satan
jodiek1998 jodiek1998 Jul 08
"Hair like The Weekend" I can no longer take this book seriously and it's only the first chapter
xDeniseBx xDeniseBx Jul 27
Wait. So many questions 😭😭 what does death even smell like ??