Nagito Komaeda x Reader

Nagito Komaeda x Reader

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nicobama By nicobama Updated Dec 26, 2015

For all the horny Komaeda fan girls 

(F/n) - first name
(L/n) - last name 
(E/c) - eye colour 
(H/c) - hair colour 

( I will add more later but for now it's fine)

I don't own any of the Dangan Ronpa games/anime

                              WE HAVE HOPE IN COMMEN
                              MOTHER FRICKIN HOOOOOOPE
I'm the psycho one here Nagi
                              trust me
                              ive um....
                              done a hella lot of things in the name of hope due to Naegi's infuelnce in the games......
                              * screaming noises in the background*
trash4564 trash4564 Jun 01
I'm listening to metal crusher from undertale and it's amazing but i prefer megalomania 😂 ok never mind the song changed to the TeMmIe song TEMMIES ARE AMAZING
Haha I automatically thought she go her period but then I was like Vicki STFU
                              Then I was like 👌
xOKawaii_KouhaiOx xOKawaii_KouhaiOx Jul 01, 2016
Cat sit down?
                              So I'm a cat now, huh?
                              Well, fanfic are fanfics...
HeyPouty HeyPouty Mar 14, 2016
The point of view is very confusing in the first chapter at least. Is this from the first or third point of view?