NateWantsToBattle Oneshots/Imagines

NateWantsToBattle Oneshots/Imagines

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Oneshots about YouTuber NateWantsToBattle or Nathan Smith.


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I can only imagine why since my laugh is odd, loud, weird and obnoxious. 😢😢
I'm just scream out loud and my sis yelled back "SHUT UP, IDOIT!!!"
I just screeched like Volture attacking it prey from fangirling
Guys, Guys! My last NAME is Smith!!!!! My name is McKenzie Smith!!! I'm fangirling sooooooooo HARD! YASS!!!!!!!!!
Me: Yes, I know Cynthia, 
                              Cynthia: Do you tho? 
                              Me: I was there
                              Cynthia: Or wERe yoU?
Anytime a book say's Fangirling. I imagine high pitched screeching.