NateWantsToBattle Oneshots/Imagines

NateWantsToBattle Oneshots/Imagines

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Oneshots about YouTuber NateWantsToBattle or Nathan Smith.


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shirakishou_angel23 shirakishou_angel23 Dec 08, 2017
I comment here to reminisce (is that the right spelling? 😂) the times that i was a cringey person fangirling over Nate 😂
XPanicAtThe21NatesX XPanicAtThe21NatesX Aug 30, 2017
I can only imagine why since my laugh is odd, loud, weird and obnoxious. 😢😢
koalagirl1229 koalagirl1229 Sep 19, 2017
I'm just scream out loud and my sis yelled back "SHUT UP, IDOIT!!!"
koalagirl1229 koalagirl1229 Sep 19, 2017
I just screeched like Volture attacking it prey from fangirling
koalagirl1229 koalagirl1229 Sep 19, 2017
Guys, Guys! My last NAME is Smith!!!!! My name is McKenzie Smith!!! I'm fangirling sooooooooo HARD! YASS!!!!!!!!!
AnimooCali AnimooCali Dec 05, 2017
No wonder... I mean I do sound like a dying walrus giving birth