Breaking Through (Completed)

Breaking Through (Completed)

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Mira Heart By MiraHeartWild Completed

Stiles is a Spark but he has no idea. He saved some of the Hale pack from the fire years ago. His father dies in a police shooting and Stiles gets dumped into the foster system. After years of fighting the system he gets the shock of his life. He ends up at the Hale House. 

Sterek, SparkStiles.


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loker2000 loker2000 Sep 01
I can just think of Danni from Hawaii 5-0 and Kurt from Glee.
vallinon vallinon Sep 17
Duude. You realize you just barred your neck to a werewolf. Whether that was intentional or not you just submitted to him.
😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 laughing so hard
vallinon vallinon Sep 17
Oh my gods. I totally was reminded out Kurt right now. Sassy and everything.
vallinon vallinon Sep 17
I saw that coming a mile away and I still laughed like crazy
Yeah, cause I ain't etheir cause this thing called wattpad was made and then there was fanfic so no sleep for me etheir.