Our Future (Akakuro)

Our Future (Akakuro)

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Icyflamez >:) By IcyFlamez Updated Jan 10

Sequel to "Fated" Please read it first before you read this

Warning: Contains mpreg and nsfw scenes ><

I do not own Kuroko no Basuke nor the cover picture ><

DarlingTragicClown DarlingTragicClown Jul 02, 2016
That means it's December 19th. Happy Birthday to my little brother in this book!
Murong_Liu_Yue Murong_Liu_Yue Feb 20, 2016
I don't sleep much...sleeping less gives me more time to watch anime, read fanfiction, and manga...at most I usually sleep like 5 1/2 hours
gabs3662 gabs3662 Dec 26, 2016
My dog is snoring right next to me and I just imagined Akashi snoring like that too xD
DarlingTragicClown DarlingTragicClown Jul 02, 2016
Mmm, I can smell it again! AoKise. (Because you won't know, this gag is based off of saying the scent of AoKise or whatever is strong because I hardly have any sense of smell)
_Seiliah_ _Seiliah_ May 01, 2016
I Seiliah Cole have mastered the arts of inner vocal squealing and inner Fangurling lvl Extreme. Praise the Jashin that I can now control myself (naruto reference anyone?? No?)
Seishina_Akashi Seishina_Akashi Oct 14, 2015
Awwww~ This is cute~ I didn't know that Nii-sama can be like that tho ._. (I am grinning like an idiot XD)