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Little Rabbit (Black Butler)

Little Rabbit (Black Butler)

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Victim of Madness By StoryBook24 Completed

My princess-like mum had always told me that I was apart of the talented species of the human race and that I was a miracle waiting to happen. My dad (who had a stomach like Henry VIII) had always told me that I was apart of the freakish abnormal species of the human race and that I was an accident waiting to happen. I had my mother's personality and likes and my father's art and reading skills. My dad hated me because I was an albino, but my mum loved me because I was beautiful on the inside out. My mum swore that she'd always be there for me. My dad swore that if I was to mess up anything, he'd do the unforgivable. My mum was dead and had been since the age of seven. My dad was still living and torturing me days on end and the only days when I wasn't with him was at school where I was verbally bullied.

My life compared to most of the human race was a blur to me. Everything that happened seemed like nightmares, and that one day I'd wake up with soft skin and my mum looking over me wi...

CATzGirl101 CATzGirl101 May 03
Oh hey us in pain? Let me just take some pics OMG THEYRE FAB oh u in pain? Sry
PunkishMia PunkishMia May 16, 2016
Anybody notice that there's '69' votes *perv face* jk jk jk sorry.
Vs1425 Vs1425 Aug 06, 2016
Is it just me or does this kinda sound like the assistant in Father :/
alphaanimegirl alphaanimegirl Mar 04, 2016
Do you need help * holds up a gun, couple bombs and looks at her Armory that is filled with multiple weapons*
A_Bellwood_sister A_Bellwood_sister Jun 02, 2016
Nani, I wonder what color is her eyes, if its red, I'm calling her Subaru Sakamaki's long lost twin sister
I'd kick her dad between the legs, but there's nothing there.