Someone Like You

Someone Like You

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❝Tell me what you want, Maddie," Aiden whispered in a husky voice that made my knees go weak. If it wasn't for Aiden's body pressing me against the door, I would have fallen.

"What do you mean?" I questioned barely audible. His face came closer and one of his arms came down to my waist, gripping my hip gently but fierce. While the other hand came down moving my hair to the side, holding the back of my neck, keeping my face firmly in place.

"What's first on your New Year Resolution list, Maddie?" He questioned again. Before I could say anything, he continued as his face came closer to mine, his lips gently glazing over mine with each word he spoke. He was looking me straight in the eyes as he said, "Mine is to have mind blowing sex with one of the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on.❞


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minota minota Mar 07, 2016
My dad didn't leave me but when I was eight my mom took me and my brother to another country but I still kept in touch with him until last year that he died so I can sort of relate
jasmineskinner jasmineskinner Jun 08, 2016
Guys leave the spelling no one cares just read the god damn book
Book_Slay Book_Slay Jun 25, 2016
I never met my dad but im not one to care if he was there or not but still i can relate.
IndieRose13 IndieRose13 Jan 04, 2017
Definitely captures the attention quickly, considering the sex in the first few pages! Really looking forward to the rest
foreverloka foreverloka Jan 27, 2016
Dude I feel you my left when I was 8 only saw him on weekends till I was 10 then like 2 times a month till he left me without a word when I was 12
- - Jul 25, 2015
......... I've gone off the name Aidan... It peeves me off :P