Memories-Be-Gone: An Alternate Ending For 'The Last Mabelcorn'

Memories-Be-Gone: An Alternate Ending For 'The Last Mabelcorn'

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[Nominated in: Gravity Falls Watty 2016, Dipper Pines Category

Currently in third place, and hoping for a vote if you enjoyed the story! :3]

What would have happened if the Memory Eraser's ray hit Dipper?

Dipper can't remember anything about his past, let alone his own name. A clingy twelve-year-old girl keeps telling him she's his twin. A redhead keeps telling him she was his former crush. An old man keeps telling him he's his great-uncle. Why doesn't he know these people? And why are they so desperate to 'help' him?

Torchsoul Torchsoul Apr 27, 2016
It is still ford's fault.
                              He could have removed the glasses.
                              He could have not said, " You shouldn't have done that."
                              And acted like Bill.
                              Dipper had every right not to trust him
- - Oct 14, 2016
The way Dipper says's like he saw them shipped or something lol i ship it (BillFord *troll face*)
MissMurderz MissMurderz Apr 28, 2016
MWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Idk I'm too upset to be upset I'm just gonna laugh like a maniac like usual when idk what to do...
- - Oct 14, 2016
Dipstick thought Ford was gonna say PineTree...Man, he knows Bill pretty well!
XX_Gets_Madder XX_Gets_Madder Jul 07, 2016
I blame Bill for this happening and giving Dipper trust issues. 😣