Memories-Be-Gone: An Alternate Ending For 'The Last Mabelcorn'

Memories-Be-Gone: An Alternate Ending For 'The Last Mabelcorn'

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What would have happened if the Memory Eraser's ray hit Dipper?

Dipper can't remember anything about his past, let alone his own name. A clingy twelve-year-old girl keeps telling him she's his twin. A redhead keeps telling him she was his former crush. An old man keeps telling him he's his great-uncle. Why doesn't he know these people? And why are they so desperate to 'help' him?

[DISCLAIMER: Gravity Falls is property of Alex Hirsch and Disney XD. Unfortunately, I do not own it.]

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Destinydragon12 Destinydragon12 Oct 10, 2017
Im looking at my older comments on this chapter
                              and I had terrible comments xD
                              I wasn't even a Faller then
Emberleaf23 Emberleaf23 a day ago
I expected it to be with Muckit in the Society of the Blind Eye. Like Muckit jumps in front of almost all of them, but lands too far away from Dipper.
TedStrange TedStrange May 29, 2017
Just think ho broken Dipper is,saying  "Trust no one"over and over.He needs a psychiatrist.
Destinydragon12 Destinydragon12 Oct 10, 2017
                              What? I'm crying because the onion ninjas won't give me kleenex.
freshbreathmint freshbreathmint May 29, 2017
egodfrey72 egodfrey72 May 25, 2017
One minute, she's happy; the next, she's waiting for Stan to come out...