IW - Zombie Roleplay

IW - Zombie Roleplay

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IW Roleplays By InsidiousWriters Updated Aug 15, 2017

Zombies... Need we say more?

Here your characters are thrown into the apocalypse where our brain eating friends are ready to party.


Zombie Roleplay

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# It's getting hot in here
                              Don't take off all your clothes #
Could we have more than one Roleplay with two different people?
H20Allylirious H20Allylirious Nov 09, 2017
*Literally a ball of clothes then goes back to her short sleeved and stomach showing parka and cargo pants with combat boots and gravity falls hat* Oki
I just hate when you rp with someone then they control your character. Uhhh it's so annoying
-jasmyn- -jasmyn- Dec 05, 2017
How can people get it on in the middle of the apocalypse when everyone’s stinky and bloody and I can’t even get some now?
H20Allylirious H20Allylirious Nov 09, 2017
So. No Werewolfs? Sorry Ally but I'll have to make someone new