IW - Zombie Roleplay

IW - Zombie Roleplay

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IW Roleplays By InsidiousWriters Updated Aug 15

Zombies... Need we say more?

Here your characters are thrown into the apocalypse where our brain eating friends are ready to party.


Zombie Roleplay

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marina3303 marina3303 Aug 01
I should think so.
                              Ah, shït... freaking zombies everywhere... mh, uh... well, I guess I'll just run even though I have this perfectly fine machine gun...
Jesus...that's a lot of rules only one I can't follow and that is the cliche part
I'm gonna have a problem with that. In a horror movie I'm the one that says 'Hello?' Or 'Anyone there?' Like the bad guy's gonna answer.
Can I rp as Clementine from the walking dead telltale games?
I feel like nearly everything's turned into a cliche as of recently, smh.