IW - Zombie Roleplay

IW - Zombie Roleplay

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IW Roleplays By InsidiousWriters Updated Aug 15, 2017

Zombies... Need we say more?

Here your characters are thrown into the apocalypse where our brain eating friends are ready to party.


Zombie Roleplay

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Could we have more than one Roleplay with two different people?
Could a human have powers? Such as telekinesis and teleportation?
'I'm sure you don't talk like that on a regular basis'
                              Me: .......... *cough*
Then can we say other replacement words for them like duck of consort them like f#ck ?
RP_Addict RP_Addict Apr 30
It took me a few seconds to understand. I thought you mean by a warm or hot area like a stuffy tent or something xD
You just earned a new subricb- I mean follower..... sorry my happy utube side was coming out lol