Invisibly Masked

Invisibly Masked

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Kemma Jay By DarknesssAngel Completed

Arissa Dually is an outcast, a nerd... invisible. Every move she makes is so people won't notice her. Yet, it's not like they would even if she tried to fit in. 
Arissa has a dirty little secret, though. She's in love with singing. Has been since she was young, but family and friends are the reason why she can't let anyone find out. For their safety- and her own. 

 Yet, she can't help herself. Singing helps her feel normal, she's who she wants to be when singing. So when she gets caught, she bargains to keep her little bit of bliss a secret- hidden, behind a mask. That is when the plan falls into place. 

Arissa has to deal with a music teacher who wants to share her gift, a father that wants nothing to to with it, a school that just wants to know who this mystery person is, and a football captain/delenquint that gets a little too close for comfort. 

   Join Arissa in a story filled with music, dancing, crazy dogs and nasty snogs, and most of all, tears and lust filled eyes. What would this genre be without them? Cliché, yes, but that's just how the shoe fits. 

   This story is like a cross between High School Musical and Grease, but with twists and its so much better ;)