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Invisibly Masked

Invisibly Masked

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Kemma Jay By DarknesssAngel Completed

Arissa Dually is an outcast, a nerd... invisible. she doesn't wear designer clothes to school, more like yogas, baggy sweaters and shirts, and not to mention huge bifocals. She really doesn't need them, but they help her stay hidden, a simple wallflower.
But Arissa has a secret. Singing.

 Something that would soon change her future completely. No one knows except her popular best friend and her younger sister. But when Arissa gets caught doing what she loves by the drama teacher, Mrs. Green, she gets thrown into a whole other world. Mrs. Green has these performances around the school, and she wants Arissa for the lead. The performances consist of places at school. Like at lunch, baseball and football games, everywhere! But theres just one minor complication.

Arissa doesn't wants to do it.

   I mean she does, but the wallflower doesn't thinks she handle the whole schools attention, and worse criticism, along with the other stuff she has overflowing on her plate.

  But then Mrs. Green suggest something that could possible change Arissa's mind. She needs to hide her identity from the whole school for a very important reason, not that they would recognize her in the first place. So the dancers wouldn't even know who the new girl is, so they either call her Mystey or MG, otherwise known as Mystery Girl.

   But she also has the school delinquent and football star, Jessie Tompsin, starting to take notice of her. Without her mask.

   Join Arissa and Jessie in a story filled with music, dancing, crazy dogs and nasty snogs, and most of all, tears and lust filled eyes. What would this type of story be without them? Cliché, yes, but you know you all love it. *insert evil laugh here*

   This story is like a cross between High School Musical and Grease, but with twists and its so much better ;)

The cover for IMASK is Mykie from Glam And Gore. Just so you guys are aware. :)

TaxPrior TaxPrior Apr 20
                              HIGHH FIVE MY FELLOW WARLOCKS
The movies were really good, but I'm personally more of a book person when it comes to that series. Don't get me wrong the movies are great, but reading the books make the series so much better.
youtube576 youtube576 Apr 05
YESSS I LOVE THAT SERIES AHHH This just made me love this even more 😂😂 i relate to the character so much
jayd2004 jayd2004 6 days ago
Hey I'm in yr 7 and when I was in yr 5 I was already making innuendos so year 5 now a days aren't that little any more
MadisonNegro MadisonNegro Dec 19, 2016
Okay my favorite books...this has made me like this book even more then I already do lol
gemmah97 gemmah97 Feb 02, 2016
He wouldn't know she was hiding her eyes and it would be very unlikely he would know the brand