Tied Together (Seventeen Fanfic)

Tied Together (Seventeen Fanfic)

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RinaYumi By RinaYumi Updated Nov 15, 2015

It was music that brought them together and music that tore them apart.
16 Year old Mirrin Yumi had always detested pop music. She never really knew why, but in the back of her mind, pop music always came with a suffocating fear and emptiness. But yet it was in her to love music, and because could never explain this feeling, Mirrin was a traditional and classical music girl.

When Mirrin travels from Japan to Korea with her parents for a business conference, she didn't expect to find herself joining a traditional music competition with her koto, or finding herself falling at the feet of 13 handsome boys outside a music performance theatre- literally. 

Nor did Mirrin expect not just one, but a few of these boys to 'recognize' her. Even more so, Mirin would never have expected that she would appear on celebrity news, discover some things about past.

She didn't expect to find herself inexplicitly tangled with the boys of hot rookie group Seventeen.

"It was music that brought them together and it was music that broke them apart."

  • bangtan
  • dino
  • hansol
  • hoshi
  • jeonghan
  • joshua
  • jun
  • minghao
  • mingyu
  • pledis17
  • scoups
  • seokmin
  • seungcheol
  • seungkwan
  • seventeen
  • sm17e
  • the8
  • vernon
  • wonwoo
  • woozi
Special1029 Special1029 Jul 04, 2017
Your name sounds like someone form Free! The Anime no offense, but the guy in the anime was hot and had shark teeth
emobaconmochi emobaconmochi Jul 01, 2017
Joshua but the other 12 are all bias wreckers fighting for Josh's spot
Cookie_Monster_04 Cookie_Monster_04 Aug 31, 2017
Guess who's going to watch SVT Crack
                              videos later?🙋🙋🙋
Kitten415 Kitten415 May 05, 2017
Lol mine are kinda opposites but I like Joshua and The8 the most THEIR SO FLIPPIN CUTE!!!
smol_carat smol_carat Aug 07, 2017
Aww no. It's the first cheaper and everything is already going to he'll
Merakimi Merakimi Mar 14, 2017
Jun but jeonghan and joshua are being little bias wrecker shits