Tied Together (Seventeen Fanfic)

Tied Together (Seventeen Fanfic)

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RinaYumi By RinaYumi Updated Nov 15, 2015

It was music that brought them together and music that tore them apart.
16 Year old Mirrin Yumi had always detested pop music. She never really knew why, but in the back of her mind, pop music always came with a suffocating fear and emptiness. But yet it was in her to love music, and because could never explain this feeling, Mirrin was a traditional and classical music girl.

When Mirrin travels from Japan to Korea with her parents for a business conference, she didn't expect to find herself joining a traditional music competition with her koto, or finding herself falling at the feet of 13 handsome boys outside a music performance theatre- literally. 

Nor did Mirrin expect not just one, but a few of these boys to 'recognize' her. Even more so, Mirin would never have expected that she would appear on celebrity news, discover some things about past.

She didn't expect to find herself inexplicitly tangled with the boys of hot rookie group Seventeen.

"It was music that brought them together and it was music that broke them apart."

Jun but jeonghan and joshua are being little bias wrecker shits
tnt200911 tnt200911 Jun 12, 2016
I thought she already finished her junior and senior year. Her intro said that she was in LA for those years right?
poppysweetdaisy poppysweetdaisy Aug 10, 2016
I shed tears too. That was so touching i cant. This should have more reads
gungon_14 gungon_14 May 10, 2016
Umm lemme think
                              My bias or should I say biases are pretty much 13 people... You know who they are
baekachu baekachu Apr 10, 2016
Who knows, the noona fan might've just been Jeonghan crossdressing.
                              Jk I love Jeonghan ahaha no hate pls
-byunbae -byunbae May 27, 2016
I was a bit confused but I understood this in the end. Poor Dino