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"She changed papa." She tells her younger sister. "I like her."

The young one smiles knowing that papa was there more often.

"Nanny? Is she our new mummy?" The young toddler asks. Her curls noticeable.

"No, she's not your new mummy." The man's voice strong just like they've come to know. It was clear it was their papa's voice.

"She's just your nanny. Now to bed."

He kisses their forehead, tucking them in. He smiles at them before turning off their lights.


taboltmonkey taboltmonkey Sep 06, 2016
I clicked to the click here .... it don't work I can't contact Harry styles 😢😢😢
I click on the pretend link and forgot it wasn't real 😂😂😂
bradxharry bradxharry Feb 27
I like how you can chose who plays the lead character as when it's given to you it's hard to imagine anyone else and I'm looking forward to reading❤
This story is going to be a good one. I can feel it. So excited to continue reading!
I can't be around really attractive people it make me so nervous 😩😂
I love how this story is in third person 😉 I'm not used to reading Wattpad stories like this, but this one....I could get used too ❤️