Be mine( kurapika x kuroro)

Be mine( kurapika x kuroro)

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Kurapika lucifer By kurapika2 Completed

When kuroro, the leader of the phantom troup, have removed the chain in his heart that the chain user have put and he seeks for revenge. He captures Kurapika and asked him to do whatever he wants.

However, he falls for Kurapika or also known as the chain user. The person that killed uvo and paku.

Does kurapika want to be with kuroro or will he reject him?

Will the troupe accept him as what kuroro wants him to be? Not just a member but a lover of their leader as well.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this book.

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Me: you know what I'm thinking Hisoka?
                              Hisoka: watch through the closet
                              Me: you know me so well;_;
There's some things that just triggers me and this is one of them
albamuzzati albamuzzati Jul 06
I'm Italian and I can't understand English very well, but I love this ship and no one else has written their story so I'll read this... I hope that it won't be too difficult 😅
oVBangtanVo oVBangtanVo Nov 25, 2016
You have just set off my mind into a million perverted wonders~~~