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Your Hero | Link x Reader

Your Hero | Link x Reader

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死にかけています By FandomSenpai Updated Mar 15

~~ Your Hero | Link x Reader | Legend of Zelda ~~

Y/n was only four when she got abandoned by her parents
Two children find the young girl and become her closes
friends she will have, Zelda and Link.
You and your child hood friend Link are always together
since the day you were abandoned and 
found by him and Princess Zelda of Hyrule.
But will you be split up due to the Twilight?
Will your childhood friend stay a friend or be more?

Coco_Ellen Coco_Ellen Nov 13, 2016
E- Blue mixed in with green and silver 
                              C- aquamarine blue and silver
                              S- pale olive
                              N- Ellen 
                              H- blonde, brown and light reddish tint to it (literally my hair color not dyed) 
                              L- Robinson
                              Everything I put about me is true, even my eye color.
Lizzyluv84 Lizzyluv84 Feb 05
I was brought into this world bloody, I'm gonna leave this world bloody!
kaibenevan kaibenevan Sep 11, 2016
E- Dark Blue
                              C- Dark Gray Or Dark Blue
                              S- A Very Light Shade Of Brown
                              N- Hazel
                              H- Black And Very Curly
                              L- Wolfe (Wolf-Ey)
Azakitori Azakitori Jun 19, 2016
Nope nope not gonna be a princess!!! Let's go to the nope train! Nope nope nope nope never!!! *Teleported to slender's house*
alxgic alxgic Jun 24, 2016
That's funny cause the other day I was eating cake with no utensils, just my mouth and hands cause I'm a pig like that. I don't sit like a "lady" and I'm quite rude so like... gotta blast!!
KawiiGirlChan KawiiGirlChan Aug 02, 2016
@Pingas030 Same. FÜCK THIS * flips 1000000 Tables*
                              Me-APH THIS ISNT YOUR BOOK!!!!!
                              Aph-ATMLEST LET TABLE LIVE!!!😭😭😭😭
                              Me-Fine. *jumps out window*