Change Your Life : Fetty Wap

Change Your Life : Fetty Wap

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[ excuse any mistakes that you may come across in the chapter...thanks for reading.]


"I'm tryna see what you getting into baby." I sang to myself as I slipped on my jeans.

"Will! The bus is downstairs,baby!" My mother called from the living room causing me to stop my singing.

I sighed deeply before grabbing my backpack and  meeting my mother in the kitchen. I wasnt looking forward into school and I never will. School wasn't exactly my thing. 

"Alright ma' see you later " I Kissed her on her temple.

"Willie,I love you baby" 

I shot a big smile at her that meant the same before exiting the the house and ran outside to the bus. Monty always got picked up before me so, I know he's gonna be in there, telling me about some bullshit.

"Aye nigga." I dapped up Monty as he scooted over , giving me some space to sit.

"Wassup,bruh. Yo,check this out. I got somebody for you to meet after school. He said he wanted ...

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da_trill_1 da_trill_1 Dec 05, 2017
Yo son i be saying the same thing b school just ain't fo me like deadass
xx90sKoolxAiddxx xx90sKoolxAiddxx Dec 01, 2016
"Shït, I ain't really trippin' over school, let's get Wiz Khalifa high and Get meditated over medicated" ~Wake Up
Kodie_Bae Kodie_Bae Jan 25, 2016
Right i be like HEEEY IS THEIR A PROBLEM CAN I HAVE MY FACE BACK *summerella's voice*