The Immortal Guardians: Book IV

The Immortal Guardians: Book IV

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The Immortal Guardian: The Guardian Heir

After having to fake her death, Taron and Iris go on a journey to find the Heir for the throne. As they travel together, they will learn to trust each other and may even learn a few things about each other that will cause tension between them. They will work together to take Taron's throne back, and put the rightful Heir in the Immortal throne.

Sequel to the Phoenix Guardia Year 3: Guardian Changing.

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I have been able to get understanding of all I've read until this part. What are you trying to say here exactly, please?
Ok please someone correct me if im wrong. Ok so the old queen Andrea Casen changed her looks to look like Andrea Burke. So Andrea casen has been raising Iris not Her real grandmother.... i... wow ok so in the last book at the end was the old queen andrea? Or someone else...
HannahStrickland101 HannahStrickland101 Oct 02, 2016
So Andrea Burke is really dead and the old queen has been pretending to be her
_Julianna_Rose_ _Julianna_Rose_ Aug 15, 2016
Iris is the heir and Ian is the Guardian. They switched them at birth! (I hope)
Beatific21 Beatific21 Aug 25, 2016
At least tell us we're going back in time. Hopefully the next chapters clear up the confusion🤔🤔
UdderTom UdderTom Sep 25, 2016
Sooo wait, the old queen killed the real andrea Burke and disguised as her to be close to the grandchild wowwwwwww, or I'm simply looking too far into things