{SAO} Sequel - The Quest For Love (Kirito x Reader) ~ANGST~

{SAO} Sequel - The Quest For Love (Kirito x Reader) ~ANGST~

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The sequel to "Two Years of Torture...Or Was it Love?" Kirito continues to search painfully for the love of his life and fights through anguish, tears, and hardships.

Note: The two books are heavily influenced by the imagination of "What if" - a phrase created by myself to describe a story I've written inspired by the question "What if this happened?" "What if I was here?"

SAO does not belong to me, neither do the in-animation characters.

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JayKatti25 JayKatti25 Nov 28, 2017
This is the sequel to the first book where Kirito and the reader were dating in-game so it’s probably a screenshot from SAO @lunaisconfused @puppdoggy @Mystic_Aye  @TheShadowsAreMyHome  @SeroSuper @xX_BlueWolfGurl_Xx
JamKookiesAndSugaTae JamKookiesAndSugaTae Mar 27, 2017
I'm suspecting that we were lovers in the game and that there was no Asuna
soulessweeb soulessweeb Jul 04, 2017
oKAy. So, I'm watching SAO ((like episode 20 or so)) AND FÙCKING SUGU IS PISSING ME OFFFFFFF
Lunastarlux Lunastarlux Jan 17, 2016
Please don't let there be that messed up sit like in the anime.......