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What are you hiding? (septiplier)

What are you hiding? (septiplier)

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America's favorite fighting Frenchman By Ki_the_fangirl Updated May 30

Sean 'Jack' William McLouglin and his family have just moved to America. Jack is starting his Junior year in high school at a small school called RoseMare. As he makes new friends there is one boy in particular that catches Jacks eye, Mark Fischbach. But Marks life is full of dark secrets that he is keeping from everyone. But what if Jack can brake past Marks walls and save him from the Hell he is living.

Wait, reading it a second time, 1st and 6th is the same class?
1st class; there's a teacher in my school named Mr. Howell and that's the same class number!
                              He doesn't teach Anatomy and Physiology though
He stuck bread in the oven? Is that toaster in a different country or did he literally stick 2 slices of bread in the oven?
There's a guy in the chorus at my school nicknamed Grassi...
                              Yes you needed to know that
qorojfjqkkqndbjs qorojfjqkkqndbjs Nov 24, 2016
Ummmmmm History with Graceffa is in the same room as Anatomy with Howell....
theOceanisscary theOceanisscary Nov 25, 2016
360 NO SCOPE THIS BITCH!!! *points 'love gun' at Mark* HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA