Detective Conan/Magic Kaito 1412: Anime Machine . . . Gone somewhat wrong.

Detective Conan/Magic Kaito 1412: Anime Machine . . . Gone somewhat wrong.

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Shin-chan By Neko1290 Updated Jul 12, 2016

In the year 2100, things have changed. With the new technology, Humans barely do any movement, and became more greedy and lazy. Most Humans live elsewhere in the universe, while only 20% of the human population habits on earth. However, their is one girl who is gifted, people call her, the 'beauty in vain' using her gifts in ways 'they' think its wrong. But she believes the rest of the world is wrong. Why destroy all the museums merely because their boring? And why fire all police officers because of high tech security and robots? 
Her father and her are the only ones who thing that; well, now only her, since her father disappeared. That was 5 years ago.

Hiroko Yui, now 16 years old, is bored with the 'easy' life, it makes her wonder if being the only human in history to use 20% of her brain really was a blessing. One day she discovered a secret basement at her father's private mansion couple hundred feet deep in the Hawaiian sea. A special device in his 'anime room'. Her father always was surprisingly a hardcore otaku, she, herself, enjoyed anime and manga as well, especially Detective Conan. The device activated on its own knocking her unconscious, and when she woke up, she stared at the familiar looking city named 'Beika City'. It only took her a couple minutes to realize that the machine also had added many other . . . . 'special' abilities to her body. A mischievous boy looked at her with bright eyes. "Yo, I'm the anime controller. Welcome to the world of Detective Conan! Psst! This is thanks to your father."

You've got to be kidding me.
*Note: You might want to watch Magic Kaito 1412 to know Kaito Kid's situation of Pandora*
I do not own Detective Conan or any of its characters except for mine. 
This is going to have a little bit of fantasy, but then again, this anime already has a teen who turned into a child.... 
Oc x All males (Ex. Hattori Heiji, Shinichi Kudo, Kaito Kuroba, Hakuba Sagaru, and maybe Bourbon and Shuichi Akai)

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Miku_Kasumi Miku_Kasumi Aug 20, 2016
Detective Conan is still airing, around 827 episode I think🤔
- - Dec 11, 2015
Does Shin-chan likes foxes as well?
                              By the way, Foxy loves this story.
Just-want-to-read Just-want-to-read Nov 24, 2015
At the sentence about sweets being the meaning of life, you had me. I totally agree!!!(as bad as it is...)
XinWeng XinWeng Nov 08, 2015
SecretHimitsu wrote one, its name is 'Sucked into Detective Conan'
XinWeng XinWeng Nov 08, 2015
By the way author, sorry to burst your bubble but that fact that humans can only 10% of their brain is false.
ArtofFanfics ArtofFanfics Nov 08, 2015
I'm actually starting a new 'into anime world' book! Might take a while though....