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Dreams of Dust |Destiel|

Dreams of Dust |Destiel|

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Destiel is Life By holyfhell Completed

Destiel novella.
Castiel was caught by a djinn, and in his fantasy world he had settled down with Dean.  They were happy.  But soon the fantasy was cut short by Sam jumping in.  He pulled Castiel out, and kept the secret of what he saw there.
He sees it all now though.  The pained looks Castiel has whenever Dean's back is turned or when he takes a girl back to a motel room.
Castiel is haunted by the memories of the life he had with Dean in the djinn's dream.  Dean is beginning to suspect that whatever Castiel had in there was still on his mind, but he can't get Castiel to open up - or Sam.
Will all work out for the two secret lovers?

Castiel_Jr Castiel_Jr Mar 09
Then they would peacefully fall asleep in each others arms. Dean wakes up first, leaning over to kiss his boyfriend. "Mornin', Cas," He would mumble, still sleepy. "No." Cas would then proceed to kick Dean (literally) out of bed, and take Deans share of the blankets, Dean on the floor. THE END.
I'm reading this at my friends dance competition, and I'm currently making weird faces at the fluff and people are definitely judging
That's when you know it isn't real, when they get a full 8 hours... :o :/ :(
botchycas botchycas Feb 19
I read the description and was like yeees this is my type of sadness
Zari_Hue Zari_Hue Jan 03
That how I see me and my hussy . #nochildren us against the world
like the universe is saying "no one in the history of torture's been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with"