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His Little Slut {L.S BDSM}

His Little Slut {L.S BDSM}

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Karen ♡ By -namelesslou Updated Dec 11, 2016

{Slow updates/might be put on hold}
Louis Tomlinson was taken away from his family at the age of 15 and was put in a warehouse for sale as a submissive. He was and still hasn't been bought by anyone, but that is until Harry Styles came into the warehouse and decided he HAD to have him. ((Louis tomlinson is 19 at the moment))

Harry Styles had always known he was a dominant. He was 22 years old now and had a total of 4 submissives in the past. However, all his submissives left or he didn't want them anymore. His last submissive left month ago and he was getting bored and wanted to get a new submissive. So he thought maybe he could go to the warehouse out of town. When he got there he saw alot of submissives. But none caught his attention. However, as he was about to give up and leave, they announced one submissive that caught his attention, Louis Tomlinson, and at that moment he KNEW HE HAD TO GET HIM.

{this is my first Larry Stylinson story and i thought of all these ideas on my own}

LouisHeroineXx LouisHeroineXx Oct 17, 2016
I've never read a book where Niall is the dominate one in Nosh. I FÜÇKING LOVE THIS
Maybe it's the fact that you are the most beautiful thing to walk on the earth 🌏, but maybe not..