Down in Flames (SPN Lucifer x OC)

Down in Flames (SPN Lucifer x OC)

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CaseyStollx By CaseyStollx Updated Feb 28

"Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name. 
But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game."

Life seemed like a bad joke when the devil asked for her sympathy.

Aestuat Leo Sparrow, or otherwise known as Leo, was a determined phoenix. Had been from the day she was born, being the most powerful and only phoenix left in her bloodline. With her family long murdered by a yellow-eyed demon and spending the following years alone, one would think she would kill anything and anyone in her way with a hateful sneer because she was a monster.

But that would be all wrong.

Leo's a hunter, using her supernatural powers for good deeds. Good deeds, such as saving Sam and Dean Winchester from an on-going nightmare after running into the two brothers during a hunt. They take her in once Leo heals Sam of a certain fallen angel's curse, but it comes with a heavy price. And it all starts with one word: fate.

Fate had been set in stone and it set up the phoenix and fallen angel to be made for each other, to be eachother's missing half...

To be soulmates?!

See what happens when a major setback pushes her nearly over the edge, all thanks to her new devilish companion. See what happens when she comes to realize that everything she knew was all wrong. And see what happens when she starts to witness her entire world, once again, go down in flames.


Book #1 of the "Down In Flames" series

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Your OC is OP, no offense. I love it, it just seems almost too perfect.
TimotheaMerryDee TimotheaMerryDee Oct 03, 2017
Shorter for your age?? 😂 I'm 22 and 5'1". The shortest among my gigantic friends. 😂😂
Is this an oil fire? Cause if it is then  water doesn't make an oil fire go out. You use salt or baking soda instead. Not trying to be rude or anything just curious.
Frogflower221 Frogflower221 May 28, 2017
Icy_Sherlock_Dragon Icy_Sherlock_Dragon Sep 07, 2017
Ooh. It's good and long? I'm only complaining that I haven't seen Luci yet.
Oh my chuck..... Imagine garth and charlie meeting for the first time