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He was my solace and my misery

With the loss of her father and her mother deeply ill, Eighteen year old Annalisa Prescott kills her dream of attending a university and instead lands a job at a renown club named Heaven. When desperate times calls for desperate measures, Annalisa must quickly accept money from a dangerous and unpredictable sadistic man, and in return work for him as a live-in maid until the debt is paid off.

Haunted by his past and the strange voices that torment him, ex-criminal Gabriel Theissen plans to break Annalisa to the point where she is nothing but an empty shell and a reflection of his own broken soul; Unbeknownst that soon she will be the one breaking him. 


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Gabymouga Gabymouga May 11, 2016
I just started your book and it really interesting so full so please before I put my heart and it's finished it please
indiecoffee indiecoffee Aug 12, 2016
I would add another few zeros just to make it more believable that she would go to him ... Because 500 isn't THHHAAAAT big lol ... Just my opinion not meant to cause offence 👍
batzcrazy13 batzcrazy13 May 05, 2016
Don't take a lot as a offer, cuz what if $100 is a lot to him! Haha
-raikage -raikage Mar 11, 2016
Same...I dropped out of high school and I just became a sophomore 6 months ago. Sigh
queenmarieeantonette queenmarieeantonette Jun 17, 2016
Why are there so many picky people in the comments?? I like the book as it is tbh
naomirufai242 naomirufai242 Jun 19, 2016
She's not really desperate for them but she has to encourage to like her with their lust filled eyes so they can pay good money in order for her to pay the bills for her mothers breast cancer