More Than A Youtuber • Septiplier (BoyxBoy)

More Than A Youtuber • Septiplier (BoyxBoy)

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Christopher By GayFanboyTrash Updated Oct 10

M for Mature. Cussing, (light) sexual scenes, and trigger warnings.


This fanfic is a BoyxBoy story. A fanfic/story about Jacksepticeye (Sean) and Markiplier (Mark) falling in love. One lives in Ireland, the other in the United States. What happens when they set surprises for eachother?

Maybe they're more than just friends...?

Ok so 1. I sop port gays and les or bi's I also hate it when ppl make fun of them.
                              2. Yay Septicplier!
                              3. If you punch a bitch, don't punch mine please. :D
You can just call him jack...i-if you wan-nt *hides in a corner"