My Step Mother's Boyfriend ~♥

My Step Mother's Boyfriend ~♥

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Alpha_x_Luna203 By Alpha_x_Luna203 Updated Feb 05, 2017

Book three in a Black n' White series.

Kisses begin to be trailed down my neck and I hold back the moan not wanting to give in to him. 

"Don'," he says between kisses as he begins to suck on my neck. The involuntary moan escapes and I feel his smirk on the side of my neck.

His hands snake around my waist stopping at my lower abdomen. Slowly I turn around to face him. His hand now at my backside but not squeezing it.

His mouth connects to mine with a hungry but passionate kiss. Our tongues collide each time and he used his teeth to pull my bottom lip.

Stepping back he sits on the couch, gesturing for me to sit too. Instead of beside him, I straddle him. He seemed surprised at first but complied with it.

"Don'," I follow his earlier move between kisses but this time on his lips.

Our lips dance together and I run my finger through his hair tugging at the ends.

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