The Scythe of My Dreams

The Scythe of My Dreams

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Siel Winchester By h3rt_br8k3r_1022 Updated Oct 08

Soul x Reader

<{It gets better as the story progresses I promise}>

<{okay it MIGHT not get better as the story progresses it's pretty much shit}>

Y/n is a normal girl. Or is she? Y/n is the most powerful weapon know to man. She is even stronger than Lord Death himself. She just started to attend DWMA, then she met Soul......

WHAT LIES AHEAD!! Will a certain someone try to kill her!! Will Y/n stay with Soul?! Will she go insane?! 


"The Scythe of My Dreams"

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ChiChi-Girl ChiChi-Girl Aug 07
, I don't think she understands the power she has in her hands cuz she can rule the world
Yup and my Soul Eater oc literally wears almost black everything
Why the f u lyin oo my god whyyy u always lyinn it is so cool
KCS1405 KCS1405 Feb 04
*smacks lips*
                              *puts music on*
                              ...*clears throat*
                              WHY TF U LYIIIIN?!?
                              WHY U ALWAYS LYYIIIN?!?
                              LIIIKE OH MEEYYHH GGAAWWWD 
                              STAHP FVCKING LYIIIIIN!!!
Galaxy_Wolf141 Galaxy_Wolf141 Jul 01, 2016
*faints as soon as I walk in the door* *thinks* WHA!!!! SOUL HUGGED ME!!!!
YEAH!!!  WAFFLES!!!!!!!  YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
                              I'm sorry for channeling my inner Black*Star