Crossroads (Amourshipping)

Crossroads (Amourshipping)

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_ShinyCharmander_ By _ShinyCharmander_ Updated May 01

Serena Yvonne and Ash Ketchum have been best friends since they were 4 years old, and the two of them are now entering the world of high school. 

Serena has always seen Ash as a brother, a BFF, but a small incident makes her rethink their relationship.

Serena will now have to choose what she wants to do, deciding which road she wants to take.

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CaptainAura CaptainAura Mar 18
Since when do buses have seatbelts? Here is 'Murica (or in Texas at least), the buses don't have seatbelts because supposedly the seats are enough protection. But in all honesty, the seats are pretty close together, and with a massive backpack like mine, I aint movin' much.
You know what, I've lived In England and Washington State and there were only seatbelts on English buses, but last time I checked, Kalos was France so, Nice Try Serena
samusnosah samusnosah Sep 11
Author used Confusion!  Super-effective!  Serena used Chatter!  "I Called Me."  Super-effective!  The opposing reader fainted!  Author gained five likes!
Why do we guys think it's easy but girls find it complicated?
_Cami_2003 _Cami_2003 Dec 22, 2016
Wow, so cute!!!!!!!! Love the blushing moments! 😊 Sorry fangirling again...😅