I Was Adopted By A Gang

I Was Adopted By A Gang

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Zer0Karlo By Zer0Karlo Updated Sep 11, 2016

I'm sure we all know that being kidnapped isn't a great thing. 

At all. 

I mean, come on. What's more horrifying than being taken from your lovely home, getting tied up, and your parents being forced into paying a ransom in order to get you back? 

There can only be one thing;

Your parents not wanting to pay said ransom. 

That's what happens to poor Callista Groves, a shy yet well liked high school girl. She has a childlike innocence with a knack for getting into trouble. The gang that kidnapped her in the first place learns this the hard way extremely quickly. The parents usually immediately opt to pay the ransom in order to get their beloved children back, so they don't really have a backup plan when Callista's parents refuse to pay the ransom. They're not really sure what to do with her. 

Little do they know, Callista holds the key to dealing with some lost attachments...

And creating new ones.

hi_bietch hi_bietch Oct 29, 2016
Wow I did not expect that😂👏 I actually thought it would've been Aidan or something
Mingirik24 Mingirik24 Dec 19, 2016
Ugh! She should have forgiven Aiden when she had the chance! And appologised as well!
jen-jen890 jen-jen890 Feb 09
I thought it said Yuma if you don't know what it means that search it up
icyheart57 icyheart57 Nov 07, 2016
I know a guy named Ryan who is the same age as me who is exactly like that!
RedAsSnow RedAsSnow Nov 02, 2016
I wouldent open the door tbh i look through my little window that No one sees and only if i know them i open the door
xuaniexuan xuaniexuan Jan 31