The Girl From His Memories ☾ Doctor Who Fanfiction

The Girl From His Memories ☾ Doctor Who Fanfiction

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{¡Spoilers in the description!} 

Elizabeth Melody Smith isn't who she thought she was. She is Crystalline. A Time Lord. A Time Lady actually. And not just a normal one but the daughter of the Gallifreyan's president and the soulmate of the Doctor. What happens when the Doctor finds out that the love of his life, the one he thought he lost, the one who he only saw in his dreams and memories, is alive, safe and sound? And, mainly, what happens when, after all this years when he's actually able to have her back, he'll loose her again and this time probably forever? 


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WhovianAsh WhovianAsh May 22
How... I am confused... Is martha sitting on Lizzie... Or is Lizzie sitting on Martha?!?!?!
I used to have dreams that i keep trying to punch someone (usually bullies)  l but no matter how hard i swing my fist always stops short.  
                              Anyone else?
                              ... ok. *sits in corner *
Got that right! I used to have waost length hair but cut it for charity (you can donate a ft of hair at any salon for wigs for patients) and now im so...
                              FREE! FREE AT LAST!
Kidneys! I've got new kidneys! I don't like the color! 
                              -of your kidneys?
How come she doesnt remember this?? This was in the last book?