A Drunken Mess (Light Lemon Septiplier Fanfic)

A Drunken Mess (Light Lemon Septiplier Fanfic)

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galaxy.iplier By galaxyiplier22 Completed

Jack and Mark are just gonna play a game of Drunk Prop Hunt, as they planned.
Things don't go as so 'planned' as Jack was hoping though...

This is just gonna be a short story not a really long one so yeh enjoy xD

It's a light lemon so you know the warnings~


killjoyforlyfe22 killjoyforlyfe22 Oct 01, 2016
*happy dance intensifies with conventional weapons playing in the background*
Lord_jackaboy Lord_jackaboy Jul 28, 2016
Good Im full Irish...God  damn I lie a lot and cuss a lot lmao😂😂
Olivia_Sunshine Olivia_Sunshine Nov 25, 2016
"What happened Jack?"
                              "Oh, Marks just a pain in the butt when he's drunk." If you know what I mean ;)
Ewwwww so gross Markiplier. But it's funny and gross. PS this is exactly what people do when there drunk.
That...was... AMAZING WORK...great job. *Wiping away tears of joy*