dominance | submission - joshler (smut)

dominance | submission - joshler (smut)

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♤ By femininejoseph Updated Jun 12, 2016

tyler needs this.

trigger warnings: references and (sometimes graphic) flashbacks to domestic/emotional/phsyical abuse, graphic violence, and a detailed description of a near-death event. 


for some reason I always imagine someone staring at someone as a death glare
Me when I'm forced to leave my house for more than 5 minutes
MadisonBunn MadisonBunn Aug 11
He needed something to kill him because hes tired of taking his own life
I'm also on my bed at 2am
                              i'm not calling a complete stranger tho
i just screamed but my sister just came up to my room and slapped me. i realize now that it's three in the morning
Yr_Oliver Yr_Oliver Jul 16
                              HOLY WATER INFUSED BLEACH: CHECK
                              BIBLES: CHECK
                              PREIST ON SPEED DIAL: CHEAK 
                              I THINK IM READY LETS DO THIS