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The Saved Omega

The Saved Omega

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elise By ejchr123 Updated Jun 14

Jason, or Jay, is an Omega: the lowest possible rank in a werewolf pack. Omegas are the slaves and punching bags of the pack. Jason struggles through life but maybe some good fortune will come his way.
  Joshua, or Josh is an Alpha, Alpha of the Black Wood Pack. He's always been the best, the leader and gotten everything he's wanted. Though he may seem like a great and joyous Alpha, he suffers with a depression. He has not found his mate yet.
  Read to find out how they cross paths and find peace.

mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Dec 21, 2016
Well hello Elise. I'm Boston, I'm a reader that has 12 drafts for different stories but doesn't have the resolve or time to publish them. I'm otaku af and let me know if you get too many notifications from me commenting
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Dec 21, 2016
Twins isn't offensive, it means hot boy so for a minute I thought he was flirting with him and then I was like oh no, that's supposed to be an insult, dang non LGBT people trying to insult me with complements
SaviorIsTheONE SaviorIsTheONE Jul 20, 2016
Oopsie, I read that as Twinkie at first. My bad, two very different things.
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Dec 21, 2016
Let's change a few words here and there ok. Good. 
                              Oh shït... I'm a very weak human in close proximity to vicious savages/normal people where conversations start and they expect me to reply........... Imma die. 
                              There we go now it sounds like me
rikifrancis rikifrancis Jan 02, 2016
Not trying to discriminate or nothing but if u paragraph the story would sound better but it's good 👍👍👍
vwood28 vwood28 Dec 04, 2015
What happened to Jason's family and why I he the Alfas slave?