Starco Forever After 2 The Future

Starco Forever After 2 The Future

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chunkylover64 By chunkylover64 Updated Jan 14

This is the second book to Starco Forever After. 

What happened at the wedding?
Will they get married?
Who declined the wedding?
Is there a future for Star and Marco?

Read to find what happens next

Cookielover096 Cookielover096 Dec 07, 2016
Um...not to be rude or anything, but you spelled here wrong. ;-;
CameronGrayson CameronGrayson Dec 02, 2016
haven't really read the chapter yet but when i saw tom i was like for f#ck sake he just won't die
PZParttimeHero PZParttimeHero Jul 06, 2016
And by "jut popped into my head" Marco means psychically forced into my brain by 10,000's of Starco shippers.
DeniseUmenberger DeniseUmenberger Jan 08, 2016
That is like wedding goals 😂😂 I need that wedding 😂😂😂
animerocker77 animerocker77 Oct 18, 2015
my mom says if I read this story one more time shell smach my head against the ngfnjefvhnjbvfcbevhb dcjfbrhbfchvbfihbrhfbejivnjHELP!1JDIUEBCIFNMFEVKMVKLM FDNVMOILKRENMJFCNNLEREWljnfdourhvujngfrnreihjkfd
Wolf-Marks Wolf-Marks Oct 12, 2015
Make star tell marco about the bet when they played fussball