Written Secrets | ON-GOING

Written Secrets | ON-GOING

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ᓂᐢᑎᐢ By Jerematsu Updated Apr 25

When Canada finds a large book under the table, all of the countries are then locked in a room. 

Wanting to escape, the countries try to figure out what's going on, and only one country thinks he knows the answer. 

The large brown book labelled "Nations".

[WARNINGS: Coarse language]


Hetalia does not belong to me, but belongs to it's original owner, Hidekazu Himaruya.

[inspired by @fullofcrazyness]


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DanUnderThePan DanUnderThePan Nov 16, 2017
                              I think you meant "DanUnderThePan's growing rage because no one knows her baby"
                              Much better.
DanUnderThePan DanUnderThePan Nov 16, 2017
                              BAD IGGY.
                              DO YOU NOT SEE.
                              THE "3" *Mattie's curl*
                              ITS SOOOO DIFFERENT.
                              YALL ARE BLIND
                              NOW IF YOU'LL EXCUSE ME.
                              IM GOING TO GO LECTURE ARTHUR AND CUBA.
For some reason I thought of a death note, that's would be fun to give Cannada a death note
Snarza Snarza Jul 23, 2017
There woule be more screaming and crying- burning is one of the least favoritable ways to go
Yeah and you talk about other people not noticing you yet you don't know anyone besides the allies and axis, smh.
apple_blossoms apple_blossoms Aug 27, 2017
Well technically it does make sound and the sound is called thunder